What's a Digital Gathering? It's where the Mom's of 2020 come to figure out how to parent during a wold pandemic. It's where we come together to not be alone, even if it's via a screen. It's where we share what we know to be true from the best resources around.

We want the best for our children, but we also want hair tips, or cutting edge health information, latest playground fashion and the best muffin recipes....we're a judgement free zone. Get the kids to bed, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, a chilled glass of rose, or a stiff nightcap depending on the day you had, get cozy and join us. You can expect a wide variety of experts weighing in and teaching. Our goal at MORE is to always have our community leave each session with tangible takeaways and worksheets so there is no hard stop. All experts will be gracing us with exclusive content for our members, supporting worksheets and printable docs, and a "digital fireside Q&A" at the end of each digital gathering to dissect our learning and more importantly - connect.

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